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where helium comes from

Design by evilMallard

where helium comes from by evilMallard on Threadless
2.83 Avg Score
1617 Votes
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  • 2.83 Avg Score
  • 1617 scores
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evilMallard profile pic Artist
Just some quick notes about this design: 1. This design went through 18 (technically 21) versions in the critiques (and at least 5 versions not posted in the critiques) before I submitted it. 2. I wasn't aware of "Dog Fight" until I was already working on version 9. 3. I chose to use a generic balloon animal instead of a balloon cow because it is more easily recognizable, helps get the point across better, and makes the design a little more silly. 4. The idea behind the shirt is supposed to be that the farmer is milking the balloon animal to get helium, but if you want to think that he is inflating the animals so his farm can have livestock, go right ahead. It works both ways! 5. If you saw this and thought, "Why is that animal not tied down if it is full of helium?", then you are thinking too hard. 6. I am fully aware that balloon animals do not normally contain helium. Anyway, thanks for all the help in the critiques, and thank in advance for your votes, everyone!
I love it. Especially the silhouette animals in the background.
Its a lovely design, but if I were you i would have just submitted it to a different site.
hee hee! great job :D
olie! profile pic Alumni
brilliant concept. great and simple execution. Very nice job.
mezo profile pic Alumni
Very funny. I think it is different enough to stand on it's own without comparison. Technically, you should make the balloon animal more transparent looking. But that's just a minor qualm. Not my style, but it's still good. 4
zipperking profile pic Alumni
awesome concept, well done mate
At first I was really afraid it would be too similar to "Dog Fight" but after seeing it, I think its really good! Its definitely a solid design that I could imagine seeing on a t shirt (which is sometimes hard with subbed designs). $5
evilMallard profile pic Artist
yay the voting is finally started! 12 positive comments is a great thing to wake up to!
nice job dude. great illo and I love that you already posted the answers to what would have been inevitably annoying questions and comment! 5 from me
evilMallard profile pic Artist
thanks! i got the answers from all of the critique comments
very cool and well executed! $4
jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni
Unfortunate coincidence. But I'm loving it. $5.
FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
I think this is SO much more interesting and clever than Dog Fight. Shame it wasn't subbed before that one. Nice work here and there's room for both of these tees! 4$
lol evilMallard those notes were spot on! 5 to you sir!
evilMallard profile pic Artist
nah, i wouldn't say it's better...just a different drawing style is all. thanks for the overwhelmingly positive (for the most part) comments, guys!
evilMallard profile pic Artist
...i've got a long ways to go before i can get as good as David T, by the way.
Beautiful. I've voted for so many shirts as a "I'll buy it, tell me if it wins" Have yet to see one go up. If this one doesn't get it... I give up.
evilMallard profile pic Artist
^ best comment so far the positive response from this design, in both the critiques and on here, is still very exciting for me i just wish i had more places to promote it...
As for #6, I believe all balloon animals SHOULD be filled with helium. $5
evilMallard profile pic Artist
but...then they would float away :(
evilMallard profile pic Artist
yay 1000 votes...thanks again for all the positive comments!
bananaphone profile pic Alumni
so helium comes from wanking off balloon dogs?
glad to see this one up! great job $5
evilMallard profile pic Artist
2 more days! yay! thanks again to those of you leaving mature comments!
littleclyde profile pic Alumni
It's a fun idea and really beautifully executed. And while I love the colors you chose, I would maybe consider another color for the dog or tee, just to nudge it a little further away from the Dogfight design, which was also red balloon on light blue tee. I agree that your design is a totally different concept, but the visual similarity is still a little unfortunate.
evilMallard profile pic Artist
this design is actually on Blue Jean, not Light Blue.
evilMallard profile pic Artist
i wasn't exactly going for realism with this design ...and, as far as i know, cows don't get tied down when they are milked, and part of the joke with this design was to take a hopefully-well-known image (a farmer milking a cow) and replace one of the key elements (the cow) with something unusual (the balloon animal), without changing much else
evilMallard profile pic Artist
i am glad to see that people are actually reading my points though!
evilMallard profile pic Artist
that's fine with me
jayrawz profile pic Alumni
great idea... i always wondered how they got helium and bottled it.. now i know.. im helium intolerant tho.. critique my new designs
evilMallard profile pic Artist
one day left! vote vote vote! comment comment comment!
evilMallard profile pic Artist
thank you kindly, sir
evilMallard profile pic Artist
yeah i think if lots of panda and rhinoceros shirts can be in the catalog at once, so can two balloon animal shirts
evilMallard profile pic Artist
well, this is it! thanks again for all your votes and kind words, everyone!
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