Where My Demons Hide

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Where My Demons Hide by RekPreston on Threadless
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As a another layer of meaning, if that demon attacks, I'm pretty sure the kid will get shot with a shotgun to the head and die... And why does the guy have a gun? That's not bullying, that's preparing to execute someone...

Also the dude with the gun looks lie he's about to put down a monster. He'll probably be celebrated as a hero.

Also the demon is coming out that man's fanny.

All criticisms aside, you have a good concept, and sort of a good message (anti-bullying is good, allowing fanny demons to kill your childhood tormentors is not, save that for the animes), but the execution needs work. Though the silhouette style is nice, what if you tweak your concept and go nuts with it and the silhouettes and have like an Indonesian shadow puppet inspired mayhem or something

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Well, the 'demon' is more like a Shadow. It cannot be seen. It's basically what the scared guy is thinking. So the gunner wouldn't know when the 'demon' attacks so yea. And yes I know it's not bullying, but i didn't really know how else to explain it, but also it was my fault because bullying wasn't a good term to use.

And no, the gunner is the bad guy, the scared guy is the good guy. I guess I should have explained it better. Sorry. And lol no, it's a shadow. The demon is not actually coming out of his ass.

But thank you, and I drew it up in like 10 mins but the thought was instantaneous and I wanted to draw without thinking.

But thank you for your advice and critiques =)

And thank you FRICKINAWESOME for your compliment! =)


Wow, while I think the design itself needs some refinement, the idea and impact is extreme. Personally I'd sugest making the shapes more smooth, or even changing the style of the figures. But definitely keep that concept. It's awesome. Gave it a 5 just for the idea. Still keep working on the design itself. Wouldn't buy just yet ;)

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Yea, as I said up top, i did not put much time into drawing it and refining it. But I did make it better than what it used to look like xD But thanks man! =)

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