When the penny drops

Design by NGee

When the penny drops by NGee on Threadless
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Montro profile pic Alumni

Beautiful. Love the concept and execution. The penny was a little bit hard to interpret at first but 5$ nonetheless


I love concept and the simplicity of this design

NGee profile pic Artist



"Penny would be printed in shiny gold" for some reason made me laugh, so... 5


Simple, beautiful - I love it.


you should include "Penny would be printed in shiny gold" on the t-shirt and if the shirt is printed, the penny should be not shiny gold. I don't understand what's going on, though. what statement is being made?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

i think people might be a bit confused at the messege b/c why would someone wait for the shiny peeny to drop with all the paper wealth on the ground? Or is the child just more interested in the shiny aesthetic beauty of the most beat-up and underappreciated form of American currency than the ugly dull paper money already dropped? Am i thinking too hard into this shirt?


ummm where can i find this tree?

NGee profile pic Artist

FRICKINAWESOME - Those are exactly the kind of questions I hoped people would consider when they see the design, so thanks I guess.

NGee profile pic Artist

And thanks to all who have commented so far


Could the penny be printed in shiny copper instead?

NGee profile pic Artist

Hmmm...this I do not know. Would be cool if it could though.

Daniel San

You wouldn't see the notes on the tee.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

very poetic!

NGee profile pic Artist

Thanks eskimokiss - did you check my profile pic?

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

yeah dude.. i know!!
split the atom printed it!! great stuff.
I noticed it's a different version though.
I prefer the original, but that's a great print nonetheless :)

NGee profile pic Artist

jemmawatt - there are only five colours, the guys face is the tee colour, then two browns, white, green and gold* Jillypilly - copper would be cool, but as mentioned above, I want it to be shiny so it stands out and though I'm not sure threadless could do copper, I know they have done gold.


who needs to get it? its pretty $5


why didn't this get printed?!

NGee profile pic Artist

If only I didn't know the answer...the lack of love for it still hurts.

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