when the children speak out


when the children speak out by JELLYTANK on Threadless
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kaloyster profile pic Alumni

He wants to be an American Idol like Bo Bice.


really nicely done.. i especially like the rock star bubble! 4


I wish the left hand bubble weren't a jumble of symbols. I wish it were parallel in style to the other two. Without that symetry, I wouldn't buy this T-shirt.


i wish the girl wasn't doing the wedding one


and the girls only aspiration is to beeee... a wife... wow how very 1940's of you


I for one LOVE the boy on the left's jumble. That's all I've ever had for aspirations, jumbles of ideas. LOL $4!


The girl wanting the wedding is too sterotypical. When I was little I wanted to be a veterinarian, a superhero, a cartoonist, or an animator. A young girl may dream of a wedding, but a "wife" isn't what she grows up ultimately wanting to be.

JELLYTANK profile pic Artist

i was think that the little girl want tobe like popstar, a doctor, etc.
but that is a common things. The girl want to living happy and peace. Middle boy wanna more complex live, to be rockstar, rock n roll live. And the Left boy, he confuse about what is he want tobe. "Thank you for critical comment".(Apologize for ma bad english)

yoshi andrian
yoshi andrian profile pic Alumni

Nice one, gik! voted 5 and buy. but i think you should put the boy with jumble of ideas at center and make the bubble bigger as a main point.

JELLYTANK profile pic Artist

hahahaha...thanks guys, a lot of critical comment...i love it, really!
So, what is I must to do? re-sub this, or what?
I prefer to change the jumble in the middle (like yoshi said), and change the dream of girl.


What's wrong with wanting to get married? i mean, that definitely shouldn't be the only thing up there, but still.


Is it bad for her to hope she falls in love when she grows up? It doesn't mean she doesn't want anything else. And maybe she's not the bride, maybe she designed the dress. Or maybe those are her parents who are not married and she wishes they were.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

i . . . well, i don't know what number agreement it is, but i agree with chelly.

i want to be a professor. that's what i'm working on right now!

Sachka profile pic Alumni

I agree with everyone about the girl : it looks like a stupid stereotype, I'm sure you could find something else for her (I wanted to go on planet Mars :p Well, I still do).

mezo profile pic Alumni

HA! The brat in the middle wants to be Danzig when he grows up.

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