When it rains

Design by mindtrance

When it rains by mindtrance on Threadless
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Luke... profile pic Alumni

nice typography...great design
[the super sharp lines of the "s" call alot of attention, and there may be a bit too much obscurring of the "p"...just my 2cents though]

Bramish profile pic Alumni

The S needs bringing closer to the R but other than that this is looking nice!


Can't read the text.


I agree with ummmpickone. twice. lol

mindtrance profile pic Artist

maybe on the blogs, I posted 2 months ago.


There's already a multitude of cloud-based shirts here. Try something different!

mindtrance profile pic Artist

It does say pours... if it's selected I'd relocate that cloud a bit so it's more readable.

Alezunde profile pic Alumni

The shirt is very clean, and very appealing in that regard. The letters themselves are very shapely, and the colors work very well together.

The idea of the design is a good idea, but there might not be enough information to convey it right away.

^^^ Clearly I would be wasting space by repeating everything that's already been said about readability.


murs. diagonal rain, eh? i never understood the artistic quality of dotted diagonals standing for rain.

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