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^I wasn't sure I got it BECAUSE of the low placement: I get butterflies in... my kidney?
I don't think that even the most ill-informed of people believes that the stomach is anywhere near that low, that far over or that large. It just makes it look goofy, honestly-- and I'm not a biology fanatic.


I don't think its well illustrated. too many butterflies, and nothing interesting about the style of the stomach. 1.


Not keen on the copy-paste of some butterfiles, or the basic literalism of the image. It feels more like the beginning of an idea than the end result. And if you make a shirt that refers to anatomy OF COURSE people want it to be anatomically correct. Artistic licence with anatomy tends to look like ignorance, even when it isn't.


^no, if you were working with that phrase. The phrase here is "butterflies in my stomach" not "stomach on my hip."


it doesn't look remotely like a kidney. and for those of you who are complaining about the placement and think its a kidney...ummm...the kidneys are located dorsally , so the thought of 'kidney' should have never come into your mind according to your own reasoning. also, half the crap on here as 'been done before' and basically everything that is made today uses inspiration on something that has been done before, so that complaint sucks.

granted, there are too many butterflies, some copy and pasting issues, and not the most original, but the lines are nice and smooth, the colors are decent, and placement can always be changed, so well done and don't give up


I think that if you believe no one would realise its a stomach if it were anywhere else on the shirt, then you're a bit of a condescending twat. you get 0 for assuming that everyone is less intelligent than you.


I used the same concept for some Valentines postcards. Good woork aniway.


awwww... I ADORE the idea. It's so cute. BUT the image of the stomach... just made me loose my appitite. BUT I think it's pretty cute :]. I just don't like the pink. Still 5$

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