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what's your style? by steven218 on Threadless
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danrule profile pic Alumni

It'd be pretty hot without text, with this text it is not hot.

Terry Citizen

the text could maybe be: The Style Of No Style

which is what Bruce Lee used to actually call his style of fighting. And it fits with having no style in fashion....

just a thought.


i like sharper diamond-shapes in argyle, but that's just me.

As for text, keep for sure. But perhaps throw the argyle pattern into the text too for continuity rather than just plain white.

Definitely $5


without the text, it'd be funny

steven218 profile pic Artist

threadless mantra - no text no text no text no text no text no text no text no text no text no text no text no text no text no text no text no text (repeat to fade)

I'll figure this out eventually.

I actually just thought that'd link back to the scene on the boat in enter the dragon a bit better. but hey, comments welcome anytime!


yeah. no text.

steven218 profile pic Artist

The Style of no Style - I could go with that. But i do think it needs the text - it balances the design which would have a horrible big gap otherwise.


..whats with everyone and text?

the text is part if the whole idea of this...

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