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What's for dinner? by Fad on Threadless
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from a cow? or from a bull? which is it mainly? i'd have guessed cow cos i thought they just killed young bulls if they didn't need them for studding (if studding a cattle term or just horses...?). if cow - this has no udders. otoh i may just be talking bull. never having eating beef i have NO idea. anyway, i like the idea on the design. but i'm not sure i'd wear the tee. vegetarians get totally bitched at for wearing things with this kind of message. btw the bit between the tail and the back leg looks wrong, solid maybe. nice design though, the cut of meat looks excellent. looks cool on the green shirt too.

Lacey profile pic Alumni

I agree about the size of the graphic...well done, but would maybe be better about 3.5" wide. Still, nice. Every vegetarian should own one.


a bit too big, but real great!


Very nice but ambiguous and might get you into fist fights with animal rights activists...

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