Whatever Happens On The Island...

Design by mezo

Whatever Happens On The Island... by mezo on Threadless
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Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Love the title, great work Mezo. Good to see you submitting again! Hope to see something for the SXSW dealie bob.

bortwein profile pic Alumni

Very nice mezo. (my only thing is that the wood guy's mouth looks a little odd, like it's full of cobwebs) the subject matter is great and I love the illustration style. 5

d3d profile pic Alumni

i thought i voted on this already. i must've just stared at it until i passed out or something. great drawing.

mezo profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments (both good & douchlike) people!

Bort- you are probably right about the cobweb feel in the fella's mouth.

Kanjin- Oh, shucks!

Merkthose- If by "try harder" you mean put an eyesore of a graffiti tag on it, then I will have to say, NO. But thanks for the mature constructive crit.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

This is as sweet as you are Mezo!! $5 from you me to you. Nice tiki piece indeed. x x ...

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