What WOULD Jesus do....

Design by ogvor

What WOULD Jesus do.... by ogvor on Threadless
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... all the above stuff, plus, why is "would" the only word not capitalized?


And aren't those things chocolate all the way around? That looks like an ice cream sandwich.

ogvor profile pic Artist

I feel really stuoid having misspelled it. I was in a rush making it this design on my friends computer who has photo shop, I had about five minutes, and after him getting really annoyed with me i sent it in. Then i showd it to him, he stared at it for a few seconds and then said "it's spelled wrong" I looked at it and said SH*T, and tried to stop it, but it was too late. I also thought that Threadless's 5 to 8 day authorization period was to check if it wasn'ta blatant copy, but i mean it when i say I did not know this was an aleady made shirt. I had been wearing one i made at a locale hsirt place in my city, and after someone showd me threadless i decided why not. I appreciate the feed back and i try to get mroe time to make my design next time around.

finkenstein profile pic Alumni

aww, that's ok, it's still a totally funny joke!


KLONDKIE!!! AAAHAHA you damn damn amateur. /conartist. tshirthell.com


funny but spelling is key.


i've seen it on omgclothing.com... the slogan at least.

i'd like it to be on a red shirt with serif-style lettering above a cartoony picture of jesus in a 'chicken' position, clucking.


God damn. Really too bad about the spelling. This ought to be $5. This ought to be a spectacular shirt. But the spelling makes it completely lame.


klondike bars don't look like that.

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