What Really Holds the Earth Up

Design by Hi my name is

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BEAUTIFUL! really stellar...er...well u know it rox. 5


I adore the colors, in that the globe is blue and brown tones, instead of the obvious blue and green. so cool!


really well done - $5


It's nice. If you really want to convey that it's carrying the earth though, it's not succeeding. It looks more like the stork is just standing on it. Which is nice, don't get me wrong. It's just not conveying the idea I think you're trying to convey. Maybe make his legs bend a bit more and show the feet really grasping at the earth?

Hi my name is
Hi my name is profile pic Artist

Honestly I didn't really think of a title until after the design was done and in critiques. The original title was "earth" but I thought that was kind of plain . I actually was asking for a title and never got one. Then a friend saw it and came up with this. So truthfully it could be standing on it or whatever you like.



Great colors. Nice to see a variation of the typical blue and green.

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