what lives under my house

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what lives under my house by wullagaru on Threadless
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Bramish profile pic Alumni

Nice use of the axolotl. My favourite of all god's creations. Except for me.

wullagaru profile pic Artist

thanks steve inlight of what we spoke about a little and the other things you said in that blog .. means a lot

wullagaru profile pic Artist

yeah as long as its dark I can change teh color I played around with it but just liked how teh original color worked best

EZFL profile pic Alumni

if you placed it on a khaki shirt, and made the lighter brown the color of the shirt, it would look much better. right now its almost like a cut out, pasted onto a shirt.


Axolotls are my favorite, $5 :o)


The amazingest $5

arremgee profile pic Alumni

I like axolotls a lotl.


yeah colors do make it hard to see at first, but when you do figure it out it is awesome. reminds me of the old nes game Blaster Master.

so with a little color tweaking would be very cool


cool, but u need to make the house stand out just a tiny bit more.

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