What is right today might not be right tomorrow

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What is right today might not be right tomorrow by wired_fractal on Threadless
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Seriously though, how could a girl ever wear a Braille shirt? If somebody tried to "read" my chest I'd poke their eyes out.


A Lite Brite pattern would be more interesting

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

there's nothing I like about this shirt
rethink it all.

the colors are annoying to look at
it's not interesting to look at
the idea is hopeless at best....braile on a shirt? Sorry, but braile is one of those things that I don't see a lot of people going out of their way to learn. I mean, it's not like you need braile to communicate with a blind person like you need to know sign language with the deaf.

To most people this shirt will just read as either, as said before, Lite Brite or just some random brightly colored dots on a black shirt.

It's the type of shirt that I would see at a thrift store and wouldn't even take a second look at.

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