What if they fought?

Design by jinosan

What if they fought?


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This has been a long time in the development. Thanks for all the suggestions and critiques everyone!

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I would buy this in a second, $5 is not enough!


Looks pretty great to me!


Finally, its up!!! $5 for sure

I will own this so hard :-)


WOW.....right now that's all I got...5


AWesome! the only thing is that its kinda hard to see... easily fixed, but still awesome! $5


Ha ha!




I remember seeing this in the crits ages ago. It was well worth the wait. Really well done.


HARD to see the Detail due to the similar color hues. NEED more Contrast. Very good!!!


Horray ! It's here. Longer in development than the electric car. I would buy this every day of the week and twice on Sundays ( By which time it would have sold out ) $5 ,This just has to win, otherwise I will fly out personally from the U.K and strap myself naked to the Threadless office gates in protest.

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Wow, great art! Personally I love how it's subtle with less contrast, so I'd buy it! $5

jinosan profile pic Artist

Wow, I didn't even realize this had been approved yet! Thanks for all the Love and keep it coming!
To answer a few questions:
Want to see MORE DETAIL?
Yes this is similar to "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny," but, as those who know who have been following this through the critiques section for the past 100 days (THANKS GUYS!), I came up with this design BEFORE I heard the song. There are similarities and of course I love the song, but it was not the inspiration for the artwork.
Thanks again everyone!


Even if this was inspired by a song, what would that matter ? It's not the same as copying someone elses design, it's a completely different art form.

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

yeh wow 5$


is the text on the tee? i think it would look better without

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

hot shit!

Brad Edwards

I was totally going to do something like this, but you beat me to it. Genius. It's everything a shirt should be. I applaud you.


where are the ninas?


I want at least two! $5

Now you need to do a sequel with ninjas, vampires, and anything you might've left out of this one.


superbang, the ninja is flying up above the pirate ship. oh yeah and a total 5$ for me!!!!!! Just a little more contrast though, yeah.


Contrast can be sorted out by Threadless surely. If they feel it needs tweeking slightly in order to improve clarity then they'll just get on with it I would have thought.


Oh snap, my boy and I would both have this one. 5$


So, which company are you selling the movie rights to? I love this! $5


What if they fought? It would be 'The Ultimate Showdown'...

I like this. :)


Well Jin apart from a few moans about contrast I think we can safely say that your design has been unanimously given the thumbs up. Cograts on all your hard work.


Awesome, love the monkeys :)


I can't count how many times the guys at my work have this stupid debate, or in their minds I should say dead serious debate. I don't see a ninja or any starwars person represented.


Holee buckets. This design is amazing. $5

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In response to the lack of contrast... that was a conscious decision. Since there is SO much going on and this is suppose to go on a shirt, I didn't want it to pop TOO much and look too busy. As an illustration more contrast would work though. Check out the DETAIL!

(oh and thanks to Spam and everyone who kept pushing me through the critiques section. If it wasn't for you all I would've never finished this!)

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I have been waiting a long time for this moment! Sha BAM $5


this looks great in the critiques and looks even more awesome now. a definate $5. great work


2.59? Is everyone crazy?

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Thanks for everyone who voted..... positively at least. And thanks for all those who followed me through the whole process, this design wouldn't have made it this far without you.
Seeing as this design is ranked #5 of Most Watchers in the Critiques section and has received nothing but enthusiasm from the comments, I'm a bit stunned at a "2.59." Maybe threadless will look beyond just the score and see how much you people really want this shirt! Thanks again everyone!

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a 2.59 is a really great score -


This damn well better get made, I was serious about strapping myself naked to the Threadless office gates ( Do threadless have gates? I probably need to work on the finer details ) I have a sneaking suspicion that if this does get made it will be a 12 club Tee - could be wrong.......................


Huge congrats on this Jon. This is officially my 2nd favourite Threadless sub ever. I like to think that my threat played no small part in getting this made.

Ahem Well maybe not but it's not a pretty sight all the same.

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YEE HAW!! It's here!! Thanks to Spam and everyone who made this come true!!

Simpletinrobot profile pic Alumni

and my order is placed, thanks for making this!

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