What if Seurat were Picasso?

Design by Kojima

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Nice 5$!!!!




cool. i love the idea. just wondering, would adding more colors would look good?


doesn't look like picasso though. it just looks like the stick-figure people on traffic signs. maybe call it, "what if seurat painted traffic signs?"


We have a painting very similar to this at my school. I like it, but I wouldn't buy it. 4


Dang. That's cool.


sweet!!!... i go to an art school and Seurat is on of my favorites!!... so i totally luv how u did this!!! =D


me wantee!

thunderpeel profile pic Alumni

mapmaker's right, it really has almost nothing to do with what picasso was about, but aside from that it is a nice design.


oh yes. !!! :)


I want this shirt.


it does remind me more of colorforms than say picasso...

sunday in the park with colorforms...


amazing details... 5 for the time it must have taken you

jimmytan profile pic Alumni

awesome! so special graphic~ i like it. get $6

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

first off...i never EVER base my score at all on the presentation (at least not consciously), but i might have to give you an extra point for the metamorphosis of your design from its inspiration! And then the glinty foil showcase really brings out what would be even more special about your design. I LOVE this painting, and since i cannot get the Simpson's take on this painting in t-shirt form, your construction paper-esque slant on this picture is not even a consolation prize but an equally nice alternative! 4$.

huebucket profile pic Alumni

I really want this shirt!! $5

BubuSam profile pic Alumni

Amazing artwork!! But not picasso enough, though 5


Its an iteresting idea, though I don't think it executed all that well. Though I do like the fact that you used "Sunday afternoon on the island of grand jatte"


this is amazing. i ahd to recreate this painting in art class one time...
wonderful job, and i would obviously wear it!!!
and animation is just beutiful!!



Kojima profile pic Artist

Disregard the title then, everybody. Call it "if Seurat were Cubist". My aim was to represent cubism, of which Picasso was a leading artist. My goal was not to exactly copy Picasso's style. This is my style of cubism, my colors, my idea. If I had copied Picasso, it would have been no fun and not imaginative.


I agree it reminds me of Colorforms.

Alex M. Solefish

It is an interesting idea, but it's not Picasso. Cubism wanted to represent three dimensions on a flat surface--it broke down and represented more than one side of an object simultaneously. This is very flat. It's a little more like, What if Seurat were Matisse?

herky profile pic Alumni

great presentation and concept.


Good concept & design, just not something I would wear.


This has nothing to do with cubism. Cubism isn't about geometric shapes, it's about point of view. And though it's not the point, neo-impressionism and cubism were completely different periods in art history that didn't even overlap.

Jemae profile pic Alumni

YES! You are the Picasso in the making! HaHaHa..Beautiful Art! Nice presentation! 5$+5$+5$! Love to see you on my latest designs in running. THANKS in advance! =)


great presentation of great design of a great idea

Jemae profile pic Alumni



It's a good night for scoring! Damn that's pretty! $5

hogboy profile pic Alumni

Wow... I love this. Imaculate presentation too.

Kojima profile pic Artist

Whatever happened to people using their imaginations? Has the computer age fried our brains? Have electronics told us everything to see, hear, feel, and think?

mezo profile pic Alumni

Know what would have been cool, if you focused more on Seurat and used nothing but enlarged, crisp circles to create the image...since the real painting is nothing but circular paint daubs. That would have abstracted the illustration while still embracing Seurat's technique.

Kojima profile pic Artist

Say that again... Granny's hearing's gone bad.


very nice presentation.. artwork i love

(matthijs) profile pic Alumni

Nice concept, but could have been so much more interesting if you would have made it a bit more your own. Now it's more a t-shirt that museums sell. Still, cheers for trying something different.

Kojima profile pic Artist

^ Maybe my name happens to be Ivanka Trump.

jimmytan profile pic Alumni

Ivanka Trump? ur work really nice i like the the shape ~ print ya.

Kojima profile pic Artist

J/K, man. Jimmy, you're one of my favorite designers.

Jemae profile pic Alumni

Nice scored Kojima, congratulation to you! And about my country...My pleasure to tell you my dear, I'm from Malaysia. Nice to meet you Kojima. =)
And one more thing…sorry for my English, coz English not my first language & still learning. =P

Jemae profile pic Alumni

Sorry, forgot to ask where are you from?

Jemae profile pic Alumni

Thanks Kojima...which side of USA? coz I saw almost all the time you are here...if I not mistaken, look into time deferent I think you don't have enough sleep...do you? and I'm from Kuala Lumpur. Ooh yaa....May I ask you something, did you received reply mail from Threadless after this design have been approved (in running)? If you don’t understand what is this, really appreciate you can visit me at my latest postblog……..Thanks again. =)


its a print., i want it!


this thing needs to get printed


why can't i see this?

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