what have you done to Ma?

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what have you done to Ma? by badnobe on Threadless
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I like the style a lot, but the content is a bit odd for me... random gore is not my thing.

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

not on green.

also, at the risk of being overly picky about giant sized anatomy, shouldn't there be two bones in the arm/wrist?

I really like your style, though.


looks like mark ryden style!! $$$$

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

slit wrists, brains blew up, gunshots, stabby mcknife. ah yes, the violence.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

i love the style :)


nice work!!

badnobe profile pic Artist

ryden's an inspiration.i love his works.he's crazy...

badnobe profile pic Artist

yeah im sorry if the title was a bit odd but i thnik even without the title, the design would stand out.besides a lot of people are expressing their own idea towards the design.enjoy...


You have talent. What a shame.

badnobe profile pic Artist

now, i realized, the title should be "what have you done to the artist?",now everyone is happy, eh?yay!


Love it, definitely on yellow. It's so odd.


yes please! i'll have a slice off the wrist section...

5 + sold.


Gruesome but beautiful. I'll second the request for two bones in the wrist. I can't decide if I like it or not, overall.

From the name, I keep thinking that they're supposed to be Tom Thumb and Thumbelina (sp?) but that doesn't explain the deer. Is it a giant? Or is it just random?

badnobe profile pic Artist

thanks blandford, i really need that...i feel better that you thaught of this that way, since i don't want other people to think that im copying other's work.but i really do like ryden's style.
about the goriness of the subject.there are a lot of gory shirts here in threadless e.g. my little pony... poo tee-weet, killing tree etc...i think let's just respect the way that some people do like gory and some dont.
about the wrist having just one bone, ill try to fix that.
this picture really paints a thousand words...thats the reason why i made this, for people to think and interpret this design on their own.i might be wrong for stating that this is actually his moms hand.but what the heck.(that was just my story, other people could interpret it in diff .way)the title isnt really that important when you go out wearing this design. the picture pretty speaks for itself.
thanks for all the comments.keep it coming.


i love that one of the deer is drinking the blood.

jublin profile pic Alumni

I would buy this shirt in a nanosecond even if it cost me 100 googooplex dollars.


mr threadless
y will have 1 of each color please!!

Sloppy Joe

very Blood show. 5 here.

the gold is best, me thinks


adskfjalksdj why didnt i get to voooote on this dayum. i love it

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