What GreenPeace really needs.

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What GreenPeace really needs. by Wite Rabbit on Threadless
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I like it. XD 5

Wite Rabbit
Wite Rabbit profile pic Artist

they dont have to use the guns for evil...they could fire rainbows and sunbeams...thanks for all the comments so far much appriciated

Wite Rabbit
Wite Rabbit profile pic Artist

wow...i really wasnt suggesting that GP save up for one of thoes nor am i supporting GP...it was just an insane idea that popped into my head after some wine

The Ending

A very nice and clean illustration and funny concept. People need to stop taking it so litterally....... its a joke


Bowtie - calm down. It's a JOKE. It's supposed to be absurd.


My feelings about greenpeace aside, the illustration of the ships is very nice and the perspective is well done.

classicoke profile pic Alumni

lol they raised bismarck! now if only they could salvage tirpitz too

classicoke profile pic Alumni

and it should be DKMS bismarck (duetsche kriegs marine shiff.. or some such)


great idea. real funny. it dont need the speech bubbles over green peace tho. maybe keep the (!)'s tho!


I do like it. Amusing idea. And I like the whale tail in front, it's a visual "ha-ha."


I really laughed loud on this one!

Put some more contrasting colors! And I like the speech bubbles
And what about the destroyer turrets and cannons pointing at the whaler? =)

Smash them to bits, Greenpeacemaker!


itd be hilarious if the ship was shooting rainbows in the shirt...

i like it, but im not a fan of the bubbles
it'd be nice if the green peace insignia contrasted more with the ship


Very nice and if it could be real .... Save the whales !!


great, but it would be even better without the speech bubbles!
$5, if you lose them.

Wite Rabbit
Wite Rabbit profile pic Artist

Awww damm, I am not going to re-sub cause thats just annoying, but I'm sure if it ever goes to print It can be fixed...shoulda taken history school


lol thats so sweet... 5$


I DO think it's funny! For me it's the Greenpeace speaach bubble that makes the whole thing work, though, and I find the two other speech bubbles unecessary, those take the focus away from Greenpeace. 4$


mmm. if hippies had guns....

great shirt.

and it seems it would be conversation starter.

Wite Rabbit
Wite Rabbit profile pic Artist

wow thanks for all the comments and feedback, i am glad people can see the funny side that I saw when it popped into my head.

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