What do you know about telekinesis?

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What do you know about telekinesis? by curtisE on Threadless
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Big Ideas come from very big brains. I thought a large semi truck would be a great way way to transport a mind this big but in the spirit of GOOD magazine I also thought it did not make sense to burn fossil fuels in order to transport this large thinker. Remembering that a normal size brain creates enough electricity to power a flash light I figured a brain this big could power a semi-truck as well as come up with some really BIG Ideas! My vision was to print this on a grey tee allowing the brain to take on the color of the tee. Thanks for checking out my design. Enjoy your stay here at threadless!


deljani, that's what sockets in the US look like.


actually, both slots should be equal size for the norht american outlet.

this idea's is kinda funny but i think it misses the point. perhaps if you put the brain in where the engine belongs, it would convey the idea of moving something with your mind. here, it's like the brain is cargo. even with the unplugged outlet, it doesn't feel complete to me.

nice vectors.

curtisE profile pic Artist

thank you shirtflirt for the your input. I got hung up on the titling this design. I submitted it under the GOOD Loves threadless where the theme was "Big Ideas." I could write about the concept more like how I perceived the leaving the truck unplugged represented the ideas and their potential...etc, etc, etc... If I had the chance I would rename this design to direct more attention towards the theme.


I live in north america and most of our outlets have one slot bigger than the other- it's some kind of safety thing I think?


maybe it's cos we're in a house built in the 20's with a lot of the original outlets. hmmm.

curtisE profile pic Artist

i also live in a house built in the 20's. I have converted most of the outlets to the - one large, one small - but the remaining "original" outlets are two small slots

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

The more I look at this promising design the more trouble I have with its message. If the whole point is using your brain to power big ideas, why is it unplugged? It kind of defeats the shirt's point. If you wanted to show the face electrical output, then maybe have two outlets on the brain, one on the top plugged in and the other one where it is and maybe the whole thing in motion. nice sub for the contest, it just needs some re-working.

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