What Comes After Postmodernism?

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What Comes After Postmodernism? by polynothing on Threadless
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polynothing profile pic Artist

When I was attending grad school, I remember having to study post modern theory and thinking, how could all of these art historians and people in academia even bother to label something as "post-modern," or much less "modern." I always wondered what comes after postmodern? And then thinking that academia and art historians have somewhat crashed the car of history that they've been driving... The design is 3 colors, and on dark grey. From a distance, hopefully, it'll look like a mushroom cloud. Let me know what you guys think! Since I'm trying something relatively new, and non illustrative, I could use the feedback!?

Leona Beth

the art work is great, and i totally agree with the point to this, but its really hard to read what it says on the shirt, i dont know if you meant for this?

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

the answer is "futurism."

i've known this for years.

BaronVonMonkey profile pic Alumni

futurism came before postmodernism
think again,bullet!

BaronVonMonkey profile pic Alumni

great shirt by the way!

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

Cool design, but i agree that the text could be cleared up a tad. I first read it as "what comes after Post modlers? SM"

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

nice break from your usual stuff -

and I like the idea behind it

courtney pie

you people are makin my head hurt


Great work always $5


that's really great, I like you a lot


I really like it (we get asked this question in creative writing - the answer? Us. No pressure.) but I agree with moving the car up a little from the hem of the shirt.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

After post modern comes general mills modern, followed by the way too abstract for a current human brain stylings of kellog's modern. Lots of white, milky colors and hues on everything.

BTW, this idea is quite cool and something i have wondered as well about.


Love it. but the text is kinda hard to read. that's my only complaint. LLLLLOOOOVVVEEEEEEEEEEEE IT. $5


(love the shirt btw)


Art history is sexy. $5.


Awesome. Hand this man some money now please so we can start ordering.


we'll know that someday... great design! :)


I like the type and halftones. Keep it up. $5

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