We're the same cats in a different world

Design by KDLIG

We're the same cats in a different world by KDLIG on Threadless
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There's always something left in common between both opposite individuals, even in a very small matter that makes them both fall for each other,CHEEZY ME! LOLz

Band Geek

Dark blue. Please. Anything but the yellow.

Band Geek

Oh and it is lovely by the way =)


I love this! I was grumpy about another cat/fishbowl submission today 'cause I've seen the same idea so many times on hallmark cards, etc. but this is a totally different POV and the artwork is gorgeous! Totally buy it the second it was printed :-)


i love that this time the cats not actually tryin to eat the fish. lol


i love it 5


I love the background and I love (the real) Simon Cowell because he actually tells people who genuinely can't sing but whose family and friends are too nice to tell them that they can't freakin' sing. Simon's criticisms are so "mean" because they're totally true/valid unlike this fake Simon's.


Love the concept, like the drawing (cat's eye looks bizarre and the folds of the tablecloth seem a bit off), hate the weird halftones/pixellations (they make it look like there's an electric field!). There's a lot of awesomeness here but it needs some more work, in my opinion.


i really like it.
the cat's face reminds me of the grinch after his heart grows to bursting.

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