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magilla-da-killah profile pic Artist

Upon re-entry from a Lunar mission a miscalculation lands a group of astronauts on a lion dominated African plane! They breathed a sigh of relief as they entered the atmosphere... unfortunately, that may be their last breath!

This is a 4 color design that wraps slightly around the shirt on both sides.


awesomeness $5


I love your HALO KITTY design sooo much
please let me know if it ever gets printed
e-mail me at leeevit (at) yahoo (dot) com

This design could benefit from more color - even if it's just red
from some blood drawn during their first round at each other

the astronaut's suit looks great and the whole situation is crazy cool

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I really like where you are going here, and would like it even more if this was happening in the vast outstretch of space behind both characters. A knife fight with a lion on some outer space distant planet just sounds like the kind of shirt i'd wanna put on me and never take off.




too cool! $5

reminds me of the JG Ballard story where crashed astronauts get eaten by cannibals

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i like the smiley face coming out of the lion's mouth hahahrharharhar


This is so ridiculously awesome! And I'm under the influence of ridiculousness so I should know!


uhh the saliva looks like smiling face :]


littleclyde profile pic Alumni

In a weird way, I'd like this even more if it were smaller on the shirt - but the image is still fantastic and hilarious all at once. Love the orange on the yellow!

andyg profile pic Alumni

This is what my dreams are like!

magilla-da-killah profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the positive comments everybody!! I never expected to get this kind of reaction, so I really appreciate it. Less than a day to go, so tell your friends and pour on the votes!

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