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if you're going to keep using this lame template, couldn't you at least make it look good? do you think those really look fingers?


Gerald: " Note: If you're going to criticize, be constructive and respectful about it. "
You really should just keep certain things to yourself - you don't like the template
I think we get it now so go home, let out some more angst and leave the good people
here trying to enjoy recreational entertainment alone.


i don't give a damn what you think. they don't have this template up for download SO DONT USE IT.


"being jealous and full of envy he rages about the path not being followed by all as he is doing, anger and frustration boil over to the point of senseless complaining and impotent...rage? if only lenin were still in charge, he thinks, all would follow the honorable path, the right, the straight, the narrowminded...we would all be better for it, if we would all just USE THE DAMN TEMPLATE!!!!"
a short story about annoying posts that have nothing to do with the actual art.. .. ..

by the by, i like your fingers, the illustrated ones that is...the design is a bit tired, your others are better, but the idea here is cool.


i like the design actually....


i think the design is pretty cool, i just don't know how to rate it becasue i'm not sure exactly where it's placement will be on the shirt. i wish you followed the template on this so i can understand better. is it toward the bottom left or is it centered? ... please follow the template for visual purposes. your pieces are strong enough to stand alone. or if your insist on using your person for display make them smaller and the t-shirt template more prominent.

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