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Somewhere in a distant land there are stories of an elephant made entirely of water. The watering holes in this land were scarce, but one day an ordinary elephant stumbled upon a well. The elephant was so thirsty and when she leaned over to reach the water she fell into the well. The elephant was scared but the suddenly she heard a whisper. The well was magical and the water could speak. The water told the elephant that together they could nourish the land and restore its majesty. Having had missed the greenery she remembered in her youth, the elephant took the water up on this offer. The water lifted the elephant out of the well and together they started walking. The elephant's footprints can be witnessed all across the land, where rivers and streams lay in her wake. Today, they walk the plains in a distant land reviving what once was.


beautiful story! good job!


so good!

Binxent profile pic Alumni


Birds Brain

Sublime. Love the sentiment as well.

Keeper of Pickles

Picturesque and the story is wonderful to read. Keep up the good work! :)


Sets the right mood even the colors.


Lovely story and lovely design. Best of luck!

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