Welcome to the Uncanny Valley

Design by dpsullivan

Welcome to the Uncanny Valley by dpsullivan on Threadless
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I wub it.
I think there should be the translation at the back? iono. I mean, I understand it since I take Japanese.
But I love it.


I LOVE this. I was a bit worried it might get the: I've seen this before thing... But if it IS original it's fabulous.
(no translation needed, sheesh)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I'm liking your work more and more...really nice color mixtures and quaintness overload. Great stuff and more from you please.


wow, nice work!
I love the characters and colors.


Excellent image. Needs no translation. Everyone wants everything spelled out for them. Leave it a mystery. I actually liked it better before I knew what the translation was. But, still love it!


Why the asian text? The rest of the design doesn't match. It's a useless hindrance to your concept. Instead of the sign, put a white picket fence there. The neighbour theme is strong and uncanny valley isn't a concept that everybody knows and those robots aren't really looking to realisitic.

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