Weeds Strike Back!

Design by bottleHeD

Weeds Strike Back! by bottleHeD on Threadless
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bottleHeD profile pic Artist

When you venture into the far side of you lawn, be afraid. be veerrryyy afraid!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

I like the idea !

Plu Shu

Hahaha, nice idea !
You don't know if he's gonna get beheaded, or just a haircut ;)

BOTERIO profile pic Alumni

I like the concept!!


Reminds me of a Plympton film. Funny stuff!


Very good concept and illo!

bottleHeD profile pic Artist

Thnxx everyone, I'm glad you guys like it!

@PluShu: haha, I bet he'd prefer a haircut!

@EnAjustes: You mean Bill Plympton? His work sounds interesting, I'll try to source it out.

@FA, heh, too late to make changes now.


good idea. needs better execution.

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

I did something like this once:Shear Bad Luck

...the illustration could be a bit more dynamic, and the colors clash with the shirt quite a bit

bottleHeD profile pic Artist

@Ste7en, hah, nice work there!

@Brandon, yeah, some people did tell me it needed a hand-drawn feel, but I did this one straight in Corel.


Plympton is a great animator. All his stuff is awesome. There's a sequence of a weed chasing a gardener in his feature length "I married a strange person!".

bottleHeD profile pic Artist

@EnAjustes: hehe, that sounds hilarious! I saw his website and the stuff he had on. Affordable, but the shipping costs to India are rather prohibitive.

@BP22: It's a give-and-take. I spend a fair amount of time checking out other ppl's critiques, posting meaningful feedback (not crap like "Love it! Check out mine"), and leaving a link back to my critique at the end of the post.

@iBeenThee: It's considered impolite to leave a link you your work on submission pages. You can do that only in the critiques.


haha thats funny man great idea! i feel that the weed looks more like grass than a pesky plant but hey you got it across! thanks for the feedback btw really appreciated!

bottleHeD profile pic Artist

Pesky plant, hehe. I'd given it eyes and wicked teeth in my first draft, and it looked really gonzo! It's still there in the critiques.

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