Weapons of Mess Destruction

Design by Ste7en

Weapons of Mess Destruction by Ste7en on Threadless
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nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Those in my house are sooo lazy, they don't want to fight... Anyway this is technically so good... I'm learning with your subs.


Nice! I like the shadow!

dacat profile pic Alumni

Great details, love it! $5

herky profile pic Alumni

great illustration and concept, the blue is cool

the czar

Nice - def go with the blue


fanatastic idea... don't like it on red

Ste7en profile pic Artist

no its not the same idea as his war against work..but thanks? The design I was actually talking about referencing was "strays"

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

from your pirate bottle sub to this one, your transformation into Glennz is complete!! I like what you have done here, combining the war at work and operation sweetooth into your own smelly nasty dirty concoction! 4$ despite the slight contrivance b/c you pulled it off so spank-taculously! O, and on blue. End communicae.


i like it on red more than blue but looks like im in the minority there, still its boss.

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