Weapons of hate

Design by Raid71

Weapons of hate by Raid71 on Threadless
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awesome concept, but i think the design could use some more work. maybe some more detail and realism in the bird. the gun/blood is great.

Raid71 profile pic Artist

looking at doves for peace... most are symbols.. this is why the design is in this style

Jemae profile pic Alumni

Love your idea! but just the blood-gun for me it's so "sharp" maybe it's will be GREAT if the gun look a bit more melting effect.
Raid71, anyway well done job & the message is clear! 5$ =)

castle profile pic Alumni

I'd love to see a hightlight or two on the blood gun or as Jemae said a "more melting effect"

Nice idea!


Great design, very symbolic $5

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

nicely done .. and I hat e you for it as this is incredibly close to an idea that I had .....but oh well Ill move on

Jonny Freedom

good concept,
may benefit from some detail on the dove but thats just my opinion.
great work :)

Raid71 profile pic Artist

Striking image.. definetely on black $5
I agree with Hensen the design does not need to be complicated by any more detail. Simple and straight to the point.
Love it.


nice perfect... "animal!!!!"


...finally! someone shot that damn bird! :)

Raid71 profile pic Artist

I didn't rate my own design... my girlfriend was using my computer and hadn't logged into her own account.... she is my greatest support :-)

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

sometime simpel idea is the best, and this one did it so well, i love how the blood turned into the gun shape, just welldone!!!! Raid71,,,u r rocking!!


I always rate my designs 5$ (If I think they are worth it).. Why submit a design that your wouldnt buy? Good work on this!

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