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Weapon of Self Destruction

Design by d3d

Weapon of Self Destruction by d3d on Threadless
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in my opinion, the guy just looks bored.
i start doing tatto designs all over my arm when i'm bored in school, just this guy had more time than i do and got to his whole body... haha~ ok, not funny.

i'd buy!


emo is never good... but i wouldnt call this emo... $5


looks great exept the eyes are too low. if his head is tilted down then his ears should be lower/shorter. but I'm nit picking. other than that. $5!

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

monkey dumpster its called stylization ..... anyway this is great i love the monotone and the illustration


i'd like it more if the soles of the shoes were completely converse... with the little shape flattened out in the middle where the size is written and stuff, the fact that it's not there bothers me... cause I'm a converse nut


Definitely good illustration skills on display, but the concept of someone killing themself with their pencil/pen doesn't resonate with me.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

awesome design! love the placement too :-)


Great design matey (as usual!) $5


$5, awesome love the placement
helo - he's not killing himself, he's colouring himself in

hogboy profile pic Alumni

This is definately one of my faves of yours... great work as always man! $5

theperk profile pic Alumni

this is so badass! excellent job yet again, leon


awesome.. he's coloured him self in with the pen.. soo cool.. i really like the idea and the text and drawing but i think you should lose the shadow

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

I slit the sheets the sheets I slit and on the slitted sheets I sit.

but seriously, this design = totally rock pants $7+

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

I like it alot!!!!!
one thing: I wished it was a handwritten font instead of copy paste text.

super original! 4

mezo profile pic Alumni

DUDE. You should make more monochromatic subs like this! It's awesome!! I love the dark inked area of the charaters upper torso. He looks like a portrait of the tattoo/graffiti artist Grime from San Francisco. You have always made your figures have larger hands which somewhat bothered it works BEAUTIFULLY. That phrase "she murders me with a smile" gave me chills. I'd buy the shit out of this.

mezo profile pic Alumni

P.S. Is it possible to rip the word "emo" out of fucking existance. Using that word to decribe a work of art makes people look like complete retards.

Gunslinger_ Extraordinaire

this is great!

forget all the "emo" comments.

I love how everything fits into place.



great great stuff! 5 'n good luck!


i enjoy the picture a lot

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

very nice. a little departire from your regular style but it works well. Also agree with mez about doing more monochromatic subs :)

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

I thought I commented, but I think its great...I preferred the original lyrics, but these obviously fit the theme much better. 5.


I don't really like shirts with the placement on the bottom like that. If you lose a lot of that text and move the shirt up a lot, I'd buy it for sure. Maybe start at "she murders me"

steven218 profile pic Alumni

nice one - dark tee please


Ava Adore



I absolutely love your illustrations. Awesome style. Keep bringing us more.

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