We Will Wash Our Mistakes Away

Design by valorandvellum

We Will Wash Our Mistakes Away by valorandvellum on Threadless
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this is at once lovely and depressing.

valorandvellum profile pic Artist

I have a feeling this may need an explanation. Oil companies often like to give the appearance that they're pro-nature/sustainable/etc. (look at the B.P./Arco design overhaul... now the logo is green). In reality, they have oil spills and leaky pipes (that's what SHE said. Sorry). If the oil spills aren't their fault, then I present to you a world in which all of those leaks are in fact nature's fault. Hope this makes more sense.


this is, of course, gorgeous

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Nice - on natural. $


at first I didn't understand why the animals appeared to be causing the pollution of the river. but I read your explanation, and now I understand it and realized the creativity of the design. I think that the black on the bottom right should be balanced by something black below the barrels and pipes. I don't like the design on green. natural is good. it might look good on purple, maybe asphalt/charcoal


Oooh this is lovely! $5.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

as most of teh people said better on natural .. green makes it hard to see


i dont like it on green. but $5


another good one!!

but.. not on the green shirt! :)

nevertheless, $5


buts its sooo beautiful!!!

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