we should be more angry with our gods

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we should be more angry with our gods by ekaj47 on Threadless
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catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

take that giant hands!

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

Its only a 1 color logo - anyone that can print 4 spot colors on a shirt can print a 1 color halftoned logo -

if i knew where we came from i'm sure i'd be rich and famous right now and would not be doing artwork. - but i can make something up just as well as anyone else has. granted "something" had to of made "us" - i just dont think its the gods we create for ourselves - never has never will - throughout time humans have created countless gods for ourselves, becuase the fact is we really dont know. its just fun to make stuff up! plus, has god forced anyones hand recently to write a new chapter to his famous book? have there been any new prophets? any miracles any magic? seems to me like he would want to keep in touch with his greatest creation?

on the other hand - right before i die i will get scared, profess my love for jesus/god and i will be welcomed to heaven from what i understand about the "rules" to this game of life we play

mezo profile pic Alumni

Hm...really, you should have left out your commentary because it doesn't connect with your design. Rich people? Wha?

Anyway...I see this as taking a stab at Christianity and not encompassing ALL religions, as your "thesis" states. why else would you use the steeple with the cross & the infamous icon for Jesus' praying hands?

All of that aside, the graphic doesn't hit home for me. Your copy/pasted soliders appear to be trying to shoot each other with the hands making a barrier in between them. I can't see them aiming AT the hand.

The dark, leering cloud is effective & I am most interested the tiny emblem on the lower right...Exactly what is it?

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

on the final image, the halftones are not so "tiny" - i've set them at a 35 line screen at a 45degree angle and the final size of the logo is stated above so its not a tiny logo either. I would hope threadless would not have allowed it in if they thought it did not meet their guidelines? i've seen lots of halftoned logos recently, so i'm sure it could be made to work or fit within the rules if need be.

everyone, love the comments good and bad, mezo had some good stuff to say and said it well. i got a good laugh at "abig, fat honkin', ZERO! "


Hee. A winnar is this shirt. Fiven + $. Good luck, would love to wear this design.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

in a way we did invent god .. or rather the idea of him that we hold today. im of teh belief that something out there created all this and then left us to fend for ourselves ..cal it god or what have you ..

and teh cross is specific to christianity there is no one symbol for religion so that gets in teh way of teh universal message youre trying to send.

as for teh actual design . .it has oodles of potential .. some of teh soldiers lok to be aiming at the hands while some look to be aiming at each other teh little thing in teh lower right is kind of distracting as you cant tell what it is here but I love teh people in white on teh bottom and teh hands are nicely place in teh steeple image but I think that teh men need to be smaller. as for teh half tones your right if they can print the colors tehy print they can print line screens just as easy. I just dont liek halftones. also teh lightning in the cloud would be cooler if it stood out more .. right now it looks liek teh cloud has veins

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

Frenchi - exactly - they are not soldiers! they are just a normal guy, my bro shooting a rifle out in texas. i love this site and its great when people get whats going on without the need for any explanation. and its also great to see how people see this other than my side, like Frenchi said, e veryone can have their opinion! thanks for the votes, even if it was a big fat Zero! still makes me laugh.

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