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We Have Met the Enemy...

Design by jrmasm

We Have Met the Enemy... by jrmasm on Threadless
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jrmasm profile pic Artist

Saturday morning cartoons, comic books and MAD magazine were the staples of my young life. When tasked with the theme- "feeling crafty" (a blog contest) , I couldn't help but think of these 2 blokes.
As always thanks for taking the time to look, vote and if so inclined, comment.

A larger view can be found here:

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

SPY VS. EFFING SPY... JRMASM... Never cease to amaze me... wow

jrmasm profile pic Artist

Actually it's on Dakota Slate, but thanks for keeping an open mind!

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

HAHAHAH... nice. Did I already say I loved this?... well, not exactly in those words, but... I'll say it now. I love this.


I LOVE the colors. Totally agree- reminds me spy vs. spy aswell. Very good job!

jrmasm profile pic Artist

Haeju- I (mostly) draw everything with pencil, scan it into photoshop, convert it to pathes and color it in illustrator.

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

jrmasm, where's the sign up for your fan club??

Seriously though, yet another great sub. GIVE THIS A GUY PRINT ALREADY.



so col very spy vs spy but in a more detailed way...LOVE IT:) my average T shirt rating will be staying at a $5


im gonna loose this battle all because of you jrmasm!

great work!


cbuchholz profile pic Alumni

I love the expressions on their faces! Awesome job!!! 5$

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

I have an entire book of spy vs spy, and as such I shall give this a 5$


Great!!! I'm not a designer, but isn't the pants and shoes a little bit odd? Other than that, $!


dammit, all we got in the UK was the video game :(


damn you are very good at taking an existing idea and making it completely your own, very cool


their feet bother me.

jrmasm profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments.
As for the feet, if you look at the source material-their boots are their pants. Just trying to stick to the homage...
Copyright infringement? Don't know, honestly. But after looking at Darth Vadar trimming hedges, ET phoning home and cereal characters hanging out, I figure I'm far enough from the source. (not that it really matters...)


This is brilliant. Waiting for a print.

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