We have lift off

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It looks like it crashed by the side of the runway.

I think the idea, but it would work better if it were obviously in the air.

Unless that's not what you wanted...


uh were the arrow buttons at the top supposed to do anything?

something about the perspective kinda bugs me. i like the concept but i agree that the airplane doesn't look like it's in the air


I say lift the plane up a bit, because it really, really does look like it never made it off the ground. It's a simple thing that would vastly improve the design.

Otherwise, totally awesome.


You're not listening to your voters here, Aaron. People are responding to the picture on the screen; you're responding to the picture in your mind, which hasn't quite come over.
The plane certainly looks bigger than the people. But it's impossible to tell whether it's a gigantic paper plane or it's flying and in the foreground though. There is nothing to indicate which of those two possibilities is correct. If the plane had an appropriately placed shadow, that would be a visual clue (you could lose the road to make room for this - the road isn't serving any purpose). Some 'whooshy movement lines' from behind the plane might also do the trick. Moving the plane up a bit would also help. All three of those ideas together would definitely get your intended idea over. Hope this helps.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Why is there a giant arplane parked off the road?

....See? Unclear. And odd colors. And where's the shirt?

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