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This reminds me of the book I've been reading for school, Nickel and Dimed.


Actually, I think you have to have a state isseud ID or the equivalent to prove who you are in order to vote, and you need an address to get one of those.


This is my favourite democracy one so far


This is one of the best Democracy submissions I've seen so far. Nice job.

wonderland time

p.s. this is the best democracy design i seen yet.

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

my only concern is that the book in his hand looks like it has lupus


Jellyes, I thought it was a sponge...?


You need a state issued I to prove who you are, you need proof of residence to ensure you are voting in the correct district.

Homeless people have neither of these. Unless they just became homeless and their ID is still valid and they didn't trade it to an underage college kid for beer money.

Man Oil

Too politically motivated; you should have picked a non-controversial aspect of democracy. Layout is good, colors are poor.

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