We Fear Monsters.

Design by afightinthepark

We Fear Monsters. by afightinthepark on Threadless
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jimmytan profile pic Alumni

cool!! haha great idea.. monsters fear monster!

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

I've heard from people who have been on Threadless for a bit that they do have unofficial theme bits... I guess for a while they had hearts? And now it's monsters? I don't know if this is good or bad for your design. But it reminds me a bit of Spirited Away which is good!

mezo profile pic Alumni

Cute monsters but the colors chosen don't work all that well. Also, putting Kanjii on shirts seems dated to everyone who doesn't live in Japan.


Brown and green? :O ooooh. I wanna see those. But i really like it, i think shirts need more Japanese characters on them. :)


i dont liek the colours, but i like the design


dont like the colors, but like the design:)

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