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We are the tools

Design by Operator

We are the tools by Operator on Threadless
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Other t han being rediculously topical, what does this have to do with the topic?
Oh, right.
(Sewing machine = what the hell?)


this is too hideously random for my taste. funny but creepy


Nice sketch, but it doesn't work as a t-shirt for me. Too large and busy.

Operator profile pic Artist

wow.. "nothing to do with the topic"

lets see:

Semi-Permanent is a design event which focuses on graphic design, broadcast, illustration, photography, web, fashion, film, graffiti, animation, and more.

the Semi-Permanent loves Threadless contest is has a specific theme of "New York, Home of the Superspecies"

this design is a "super species" made up of the focuses of the design event. is it REALLY that hard to understand? gosh..

Operator profile pic Artist

P.S. little_hobbit_feet: (or shall I call you the princess of comments) a sewing machine relates to fashion design.

Operator profile pic Artist

wow.. we have some hostile people on threadless... cool.
i'll give you drab though... but not the rest.

azrielen profile pic Alumni

I think it needs some color. Otherwise, I rather like this. It's an Exquisite Corpse, right? I remember doing those in my undergrad art school classes. ECs rock, and this one is delightfully perverted with the gun in there.

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