We are Not Born for Riding

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Question 1:
Do you like someone ride on you and whipping your back to run? (I believe that your answer must be "NO!!".)

Question 2:
Do you think the horse like it?

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Sorry guys, I think the "Question" are make you guys confuse. So no need bother the "Question".

Just check the design, thanks!


What is there not to get? The horse is tired of getting rode, whipped, etc. The horse is making a run for it after he bucked off the rider and the saddle. The saddle is in the middle of the shirt, and the rider's hand can be seen by the shoulder area.

Beautiful illustration, btw. Love it.


Ohhh I totally missed the hand for awhile.

But my answer to Question 1 would have to be a yes


very pretty

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

How did people miss the hand? That's the best part of the joke!! Great concept and awesome placement of the objects around the tee. I'll have one in creme and make it snappy! 4$


I love it all but the hand it takes away the free spirit and gaiety of the image.
Its brilliant otherwise and this is coming from someone who fears horses.
Another shirt colour perhaps?
A green?

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

This is great Flying mouse - fantastic job yet again 5$

Frank Vice

great concept behind this one :D

Jebs profile pic Alumni

I LOVE IT!!!! Really! the hand on the shoulder is pure genious... 5$

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

great 5$


I know! What's not to get?

I like it, but the saddle is a little unclear, and the horse doesn't look like it's bucking the rider off, so it's unclear why the person would be thrown so high into the air. But a nice idea.

aled profile pic Alumni

I think horses were born to be ridden as part of Gods great plan. Its a cool illustration Mr Mouse - but it does look more like a jet-plane ejector seat than a bucking steed - but perhaps thats what you were going for? ;-)

wotto profile pic Alumni

I get this but I think you could have done it better - You obviously have talent. Maybe done the horse chuckin off a rider or a barn door open in the background with the owner jumpin up and down. I dunno.
I like the idea tho.


I love this shirt! I took one glance and was immediately rooting for the horse. Beautifully done. I think all the elements are present and well executed. I saw the saddle and the hand and the balance on the shirt is perfecto!

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

Thanks for the info, OhThisDisaster. And sorry for my wrong thought.

I think some people are "Riding" horse without hitting the saddle pad, though. "Riding" is the main point of the concept, not only the "Hitting" point.


very shel silverstein. good stuff.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

I'm agreed with you, Sunjayv. That was what i regret for this sub :(

So don't notice the "question", PLEASE SEE ONLY THE DESIGN. Thanks.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

I'm agreed with you, Sunjayv. That was what i regret for this sub :(

So don't notice the "question", PLEASE SEE ONLY THE DESIGN. Thanks.


it would be really hard to buck a saddle off =)
but i really like this design


Ya!!!! Great!


Bah ha ha! The thread discussion is so lame for this sub.

herky profile pic Alumni

great concept and illustration, awesome placement


I like the idea... but the horse is drawn in a cute way... doesn't look wild enough

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

Flying Mouse - don't worry about it - I don't think the few people who decided to be asses about your joke are gonna effect your score
its an awesome shirt : )


Pretty drawing, but I agree that its a little judgemental of riders in general. The best part about this shirt was reading the first 10 or so comments. "What?" lol

Thomas S Magnum

haha nice idea, expecially the placement!


i think this is absoulte genuis (i, too, am a rider). i think the horse looks plenty mad enough. the shape of the eyes (though not common for animals) shows anger in people. Also, to go along with this disagreement about whipping: i think the point was to show the awesome power of the creature; what can happen when you underestimate that power. not what always happens whenever someone gets on their horse.

I especially love this because i don't ride one of my horses with a bit (the thing that goes in their mouth) and, though he is pushing 29, he can buck me off whenever he feels like it.

thank you sooo much for subing this!!!

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

Awesome!!!!! Normally I don't like horses on shirts -- but the composition is very well done. Especially the arm across the shoulder. Print.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I love when girls ride me while whipping me!!!
but, I'll still give this a $5, love it


Really? Only Mike4507 and myself?

It's a beautiful illustration and I like the idea even though it does look like the horse has a spring-loaded back.
I've fallen off of a saddle that broke and it sort of just slides to the side.


Okay, Jeremy too then.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

Yes Alchemical, I don't have so much knowledge about the horse. But there is nothing related with the message of my design. The title is "We are Not Born for Riding", every creature in the world should have thier own freedom I think.

And sorry for the "whipping" question, this question make people confuse that "whipping" is the main point of this design. Once again, the message I want to send is HORSE IS NOT BORN FOR RIDING. Thanks for all.


It's very clever. But maybe if the hand were placed in a noticeable position.
Not everyone's clever, as proved quite quickly...


this is powerful. horses r ment to be free. great drawing. i love all your animal shirts that go againset bad things.

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