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We used to... by quick-brown-fox on Threadless
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beautiful design :-)




Mondrian-like design? Arcade Fire? WIN!


why do you need a fountain pen to write an email?? I must be doing it wrong.

quick-brown-fox profile pic Artist

I mean analogue as opposed to digital. People don't write letters any more, they write emails. We're not far from a time where people may only write in digital form. Kids might not know what a pen is, just like they don't know what vinyl records are. A written letter is already a second choice.

Anyway, thanks for the 1.

kako64 profile pic Alumni

Yeah ! The concept & how it's done graphicaly is just brilliant !

The letters we wrote in the past, have nothing to do with e-mails. Consistence & sensibility flew away. It's a great message you give to usis a reality.


I like it (more as a stationery set than a shirt, sorry) but this seems like another design that would be great anywhere other than this competition, because I don't really get the connection to AF. Maybe if it was a quill (which makes more sense with the ink wells) like the Funeral one... But hey I really like it, you should resubmit it into the main threadless

quick-brown-fox profile pic Artist

Thanks guys, and mr deadhead for your comments. Music is a personal thing, and this just my interpretation of a lyric that I connected with.


What now? Scored it 5$ and still want it as shirt and art print. Would be a great phone case.

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