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wullagaru profile pic Alumni

this RULES


floaties? is that cereal?

Ava Adore

nice illus


yeah, i don't get the floaties reference when none of them are wearing floaties.


lose the text and have the one on the right upside down with its hind legs and tail sticking out. And learn how to use spellcheck.


sae foam is my favorite but its great on all of em. 5$


I absolutely love this shirt, and want one.

As for the text, I think it's great, but with the color set up right now, I can barely read it at all.

As for the floaties, I got right away what mvr was going for (that the one that drowned couldn't swim and thus needed floaties), but having the others wearing floaties would be a much more obvious joke.

PS -- I totally love your other subs too, so keep sending things in. I really hope they print this, floaties or not!

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