Watching the Planets

Design by shaunalexbarrios

Watching the Planets by shaunalexbarrios on Threadless
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It's wonderful .. you're fantastic and beautiful. Really bright. The colors, green stripes of the girl's shirt, her .. contrast to a .. bear ? her steed. Her eyes, hair and straight arm, neck and the lap .. i don't know who you are but you should stay here. It's wonderful place :) for wonderful people like you :) May.. be the letters .. I give you my only ones 5 points :) Love it.


i really really like this. I think it is my favorite, 5 all da way!


Great use of colour


Love this! This is my fave!


Great illo

gojirra profile pic Alumni

I love the colors!


Love it!!!


Very pretty. I would wear it!

RedRafael profile pic Alumni

Brilliant $5


unique and awesome work !!


Wow! Great style. Simple characters contrasted by the bright runny colors. Very musical/whimsical/intimate... I would love to see a font that better matches the feel of this image, but overall, awesome.

cshimala profile pic Staff

Nice art. Would like to see the type in the same painted style. Try working on your presentation on future submissions though. Doing so can really give you that extra push for a higher score. Placing a square design on a the template isn't very visually pleasing. Here's a video tutorial to help you out - ... you can find more tips a tricks at


Nice work Joren. I like how you used the space.Wishing you much success with this design. It is simply out of this world.

rodric valls

Who is the winner of the challenge flaming lips?

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