Watch out Eeyore

Design by mildish

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a bit too basic, wudnt have known theres a reference to eeyore without the title
still quite funny

mj00 profile pic Alumni

Wait, why would the donkey be Eeyore specifically? I thought the title was just to be cute and that this could be about any donkey (because of pinatas).


And maybe all donkeys are missing their tails


I'll bet they are!
I agree with mjoo, the shirt itself has nothing to do with eeyore, but they're just warning him 'cause he's a donkey
I don't know if all donkeys are missing their tails--this one sure seems to have one-- but at least we know that pins are best for securing them back on!
Great sumission!


Anything that suggests you are going to beat an animal is unlikely to score well.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I love demetri martin, and i like this shirt a lot too. It spells the joke out on the joke. Good stuff.


I love it.
I hate green t-shirts.


I'm with dafnaf - green is evil.

If it was printed on a different colour I would be very happy. =)

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