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JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

Nicely done! But from a distance some people might see a giant penis instead. But that might just be me and my penis infested mind.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

Pending judgement on more details about claim this is from a book...


it does look sorta like an elephant from far away.

but i like it. i only see the elephant thing now cuz someone suggested it.


I like the idea and the dsign, but it does look like a guy's pee pee.


it looks like a wiener.
no offense...


I don't have my glasses on and I'm kind of tired, so all I saw was penis... sorry

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

sorry kaliedoscope...I probably should have kept my big mouth shut. The good news is that all you have to do is move the hole in the ground an inch over to the right and problem solved..instant shlong-b-gone.


well i dont think it's from a book. i like the design, but thats just a tad to phallic for me.if you just shifted something over somewhere...
having everything lined up along a center axis really makes it look wangy.
still though, i like it, so you get a 5.


who are you? Rob Dobi? uhh no

cool concept tho


you know, there is something very wrong with the world if THAT many people think this looks like a penis. seriously, people are just way too eager to see penises these days. and if you really think that's what a penis looks like, then i apologize for whatever tiny, triangular, huge-balled penis you may have seen that gave you that impression.

that said, it's a cool design, and i like the detail like the little twigs and grass along the side of the pit. g'job.

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