Warriors Revenge

Design by cpdesign

Warriors Revenge by cpdesign on Threadless
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cpdesign profile pic Artist

Been wanting to do a design like this for a while. I am a fan of Frank Miller illustration and movies. So I wanted to do something similar to his style.


hhmmm, have you tried this on a black tee?


I'd like it on white

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

cool style, cool illustration, but the placement is a bit odd. ifd it fit the shirt better, and was less boxy, it'd be a 5.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I agree, it's a bit too close to the original style and feel. What about doing something more conceptual around that Miller style? also, this is one boss piece.


i agree with most of the things in here already except manthan, but, by the sounds of his name may know many different words which mean 'gay'.

cpdesign profile pic Artist

I agree with alot of the comments and appreciate the feedback except for gay comments from manthan33 which I think his name translates to gay. Anyway, it was designed to be printed largely and to cover the entire front and on to the sleeves, but threadless does not print a full bleed design so I had to compensate for that. I guess I could resubmit is in a less square shape and use different colors.


i would def wear this- its just a shame it's not an official tee. it's almost a wasted effort- too good for fan art but i could never see it printing here.

cpdesign profile pic Artist

Yeah, there may be a copyright issue on the design, I'm not sure how it works or what you can get away with since it is similar. I guess it is up to Threadless to decide on whether it is an issue or not. Threadless has printed a few other designs that looked like could have copyright issues. I doubt it will get enough votes to print anyway guessing from the comments. But thanks!


i like it on cream because it brings out the red more. neat design!

dacat profile pic Alumni

I love your designs, but because this one looks so close, it'll have the same comments as my sin city-like design and suffer from it.

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