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Warning sign by Raid71 on Threadless
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Yeah, not sure it needs the fence either, I think it detracts from the design. Nicely done though.


I don't agree with Three-Ring-Circus, almoss32 and Spam69. The fence makes it interesting and takes creative turn on other warningsign designs

ndikol profile pic Alumni

cool :D

Monkey X
Monkey X profile pic Alumni

Love the fence!


cool! $5


this is nowhere near as good as your other stuff. this has none of your great style- its just a faceless generic concept.

i could see this as a poster on a students wall though.

(i hope i dont sound like an asshole- you are one of my fave designers on here!)

Raid71 profile pic Artist

Phones I respect your opinion, but this was one sub I just wanted to get out of my system and I'm always happy to make mistakes :-)


I like the whole thing, but perhaps you could use a ninja on the other side of that fence. Except he wouldn;t be a very good ninja to have his likeness captured for a t-shirt!


the fence may makeit a little busy for me but i really do like the idea lol

Personal Genius

I think it would sound better as "Danger: Flying Kicks to the Head Zone" or something like that. Or just "Beware of Ninjas"

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