Warning Label

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Warning Label by DaddyDom on Threadless
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DaddyDom profile pic Artist

It's a horse's ass. I guess it's not so self explanitory.


I like it. Short. To the point(Dig "the pointer").
Makes ya stop and do the whole, "hmmm what is that liscense plate saying to me??" thing>>>>
And that is my final answer.

love boat captain

that shirt kicks ass
that's all i've got to say about that


i can't actually make sense of the words around it, no matter the combination.

DaddyDom profile pic Artist

futbolboi got it on the nose.
Regarding simplifying it, judging from what I'm seeing in pop culture, people need to start appreciating subtlety. You shouldn't want everything neatly wrapped up in easily understood packages. Sometimes, figuring things out for yourself can make what you've discovered that much better. That was kind of preachy. Man, I'm a dick.
Thanks for the kindness and the critique.


heh heh heh..... that was entertaining!

love boat captain

preach on my brotha!

haha...i agree 100%

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