Walk The Blob

Design by Pixtoons

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Hahahaha! Great!


makes me think of russell from fat albert...


dr. seuss blob = oobleck! nice...

dacat profile pic Alumni

That's pretty cool! $5


There's something endearing about an alien with such
a cool ability and yet no matter how well it tries to blend
in among humans it's obvious that it's still an alien

since you're allowed to use up to 8 colors I would like to
see the alien's coat a different color than the t-shirt so
it would be easier to see

Pixtoons profile pic Artist

You've summed up the impetus for this design quite nicely, helo.

And regarding the coat color, I'm letting the shirt be the coat color because I've been concentrating on using fewer colors for my designs. It's more interesting and rewarding to work with more restrictions on the number of colors for me personally.

olie! profile pic Alumni

I don't know why but I LOVE this for some reason.

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