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Design by professorM

Wake by professorM on Threadless
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Bio-bot 9000
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This is really awesome as is. I just think the placement needs work.


agreed... needs more color options... and maybe different placement?


I really like the tree image, but I'm really tired of poppy-arty images of cliched hot chicks on t-shirts...


Wow, this looks so much easier than the way my son got here :-) Love the idea, OK with the colors (well, the red; the yellow is not right for it - more ochre/curryish), but I agree that the girl's hair seems a bit too 'modern.' Perhaps long hair in a coil of some sort behind that band?


MINH! Hi! I really like it. I usually don't like yellow, but that one's okay. I think the redish color could be a little more saturated. To help it pop!

I enjoy the modern quality to it. The skull looks a bit off to me, though. Happy t-designing!


interesting!! nice job 5


casual labour!

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