Waiting Out the Storm

Design by cbuchholz

Waiting Out the Storm by cbuchholz on Threadless
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cbuchholz profile pic Artist

These beautiful creatures are Musk Oxen. Musk Oxen stand shoulder to shoulder in a circle around their young in order to keep them warm and safe from predators such as wolves. It's for this reason that I think of these creatures as protectors, a refuge from the storm. Yeah, it's on white, I'm not going to apologize for that.

jrmasm profile pic Alumni

There are some days, when the subs aroung here aren't so hot (like on the days I sub) but today...well...a lot of different subs could be called great, this being chief among them. Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner! $5



seriously stop it...

you get a damn $5.. for this


one thing though... maybe its just me but.. i had trouble making out the kids smiles.. i thought you meant the white as glare.. but then about 10 seconds later i realized its real purpose.. perhaps adding smile lines?.. just a suggestion


andyg profile pic Alumni

Amazing!!!!!!! 5$$$$$$$$


this is fantastic... 5$

sonmi profile pic Alumni

aahh. i love that snow effect

sonmi profile pic Alumni

you always have such a nice presentation to your subs, too!

cbuchholz profile pic Artist

Thanks Sonmi! I just saw your stuff on Flickr. You have some pretty incredible stuff on there! I'll add you as a contact.


why apologise for white? it's perfect and enhances the design... once again another great sub... fab!

chopanier profile pic Alumni

I love you 5$


This is wicked! Wicked as in you can hear the sound of this shirt

fc gravy

aww, this reminds me of the snow level in donkey kong country. anyhoo, this is yet another amazing sub by you!

dacat profile pic Alumni

This is gonna score way high $5

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place with your designs. I personally like white shirts, and happen to wear them all the time so no complaints here!


Is it possible for you to make a sub that I don't love?!?!

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

...I'd also like to add that I love the fact that all of your subs have layers of discovery to them. I just noticed the different sets of footprints for the people and rabbits. Nice touch!!

Raj Mahtaj

$5 of course.


Very well done. 5

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

amazing once again. $5 once again.
Threadless, I think there might just be a new sheriff in town...
Giddy Up cbuchholz!

grayehound profile pic Alumni

the new babe ruth of t-less keeps hitting them outta the park. gorgeous detail, gorgeous color, white tee is fitting but isn't a popular choice. beautiful work, as we've come to expect from you

Recycledwax profile pic Alumni

So beautiful!!!
WOAH! I'll buy it right away! You're an amazing artist! 5$




This just must be printed on long sleeve tees. MUST!


Wow... again. You have the most amazing illustrations. Amazing talent you have there. A most definite $5!!


great texture of the snow on the oxen's backs and on the tree in the background

herky profile pic Alumni

my fingers and hands feel numb as I'm scoring this, that's how well executed this design is.

cbuchholz profile pic Artist

Ha Ha! thanks Herky! Thank you all for the comments!


I love your illustrations! 5!

cbuchholz profile pic Artist

Thanks martian! I personally don't understand the term "seasonal" shirt. I would feel comfortable wearing any shirt in any season of the year. Does this mean that you also don't like shirts that depict summer, since these couldn't be worn in the winter? I personally don't get it.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

^correct. I get just neutral shirts, ones that don't really depict weather. cuz if I get a snowy one, I feel like I can only wear it in winter, at the risk of being made fun of in the summer heat of Texas. but once again I really do like your stuff.

cbuchholz profile pic Artist

Ha Ha! Ok, fair enough. Thanks alot martian, I really appreciate it. Pretty soon, I think we'll all feel out of place wearing a shirt like this. It's the middle of January in Pennsylvania, and I haven't seen so much as a dusting of snow. global warming I guess : (

cbuchholz profile pic Artist

Nope, weather is all messed up right now, and I go into a depression if I don't get to make at least one snow man a year.

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

hah..i see bunnies! great drawing! 5$


Glennz! Go back to your real account.

Good god. $5


those look like some sad yak-type-things

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I think this is an increbible depiction of what you were going for, but it's not anything im interested in wearing on my body, which makes it like only the 2nd sub i wouldnt consider for that honor. Your drawings have been conceptually and artistically perfect, just sometimes i don't dig the concept. Best of luck to all your creative designs tho!

cbuchholz profile pic Artist

Thanks alot Frickinawesome! That's okay that you feel that way about this one. I really appreciate the feedback and the nice comments. I think there are many adults who would wear a shirt like this (including myself), but actually I think it would be really great for a kid's tee as well.

cbuchholz profile pic Artist

Ah! Finally, the user formerly known as ar* hath revealeth herself! The GOLDEN WASP!!! Now I can sleep again at night.

Jebs profile pic Alumni

that's too late but i just want to say that you are perhaps my favorite artist sending designs at Threadless, you are gifted, your drawings are magnificent, smooth, and your ideas are such intelligent and original (genuine) ones...you are an insiration for the others...and you know what? you do Art here, and that means a lot...keep up making us dream dude!

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