Waiting for the growth

Design by kooky love

Waiting for the growth by kooky love on Threadless
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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

wow....this is a REALLY brilliant concept executed in wonderfully subtle way. Plus it illustrates the idea of the contest perfectly. I'll wait as long as that poor island resident will for this shirt to be printed up. 5 and buy.

andyg profile pic Alumni

awesome! $5

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

Good job!

DRA Studio

This is a great concept and illo, but I think it is kinda difficult to tell at first that the thing by his feet is a baby palm tree. But once you realize that is what it is, this is great!


the concept is so vaguely familiar... like it was in some movie or cartoon I saw as a little kid or something.... but it's definitely cute.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

Nice work. You are so pro man^^


WOW~ I love everything about this.. the illustration, the concept, the color scheme.. i love love the shirt color! $ 5


this is awesome! the best design i scored all week.. $5


herky profile pic Alumni

great illustration and colors.


great illo!!! the left arm holding the rope is bugging me though... should be facing inwards $4


Cute design, cute model!

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

super great idea and kooky, u did it again,,,haha!!! great one! 5 definitely from me!!


Best one i've seen for this contest $5
Would love it on a darker colour though :)

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Really nice idea.


i like brown, furry looking coconuts the best, but this illustration and concept is great anyway!!

darn, that sounds bad. hah


I love the idea, the design, the colors... Definitely one of the best submissions I've seen lately! 5$

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