W. Don't Care

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W. Don't Care by chaztoo on Threadless
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People are going to hate this because it is political, but I think it's just about perfect! It seems light hearted enough to be non-threatening to anyone and that's exactly the key.
If this doesn't make it through I hope you will print it on your own... I would buy several! Shoot me a message through my site if you put this up anywhere else. Best of luck!


Excommut... I would imagine that his hair is the same color as his shirt's because of the 4 color limit... don't you know anything about RULES?

... I think the colors work together perfectly here.


I like the concept - other permutations could be:
"George Bush and His Magical Money Machine"
"Milking the Mystical Dollar Cow"
"Debit, no, Credit Please..."
"Collection day might be a bitch, but by then I'll be dead."

mikey warpso

I don't like the compostion or the size or the sloppy body. It is mildly funny otherwise. And I thought white shirts were out.... I wish I could figure out cool...


Good work. 5$

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