Voodoo Valentine

Design by Invader_Xan

Voodoo Valentine by Invader_Xan on Threadless
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People seem to apply the term emo to everything...what gives?

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

only ting that bugs me is the light shine on teh buttons and not on teh nails .. but its not bad


oh, bobocito voodoo doll. too emo for my tastes. people grow out of emo and then they can't wear the shirt no more.

That said, I really like the artwork--I'd like to see more stuff with this aesthetic, but less dark.


I am so sick of people labeling things "too emo" "too punk" etc. Why can't designs just be judged based on their creativeness, originality, how they would work on a tee, and skill level!?

That said... I like it. The only criticism- at first I thought he was a gingerbread man. I don't really think there is much you can do that would keep the effectiveness of it that would make it not look like one to me, aside from making it look like a classic voodoo doll, with the whole wrapped cloth look. That's just me though, cute design, well drawn. Good style.

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